View Full Version : SlimServer (6.2.2) not working after reinstalling

2006-02-15, 09:59
I had to remove and reinstall Slimserver. After removing all files to the trash that had Slimserver in the name I re-downloaded Slimserver (6.2.2), got a message that the installation was successful, but it does not work. My system by the way is an imac G5 (OS X Tiger). If I start slimserver it apparently shuts down within seconds again and I cannot open the webpage where you can "see" the server (localhost cannot find ....etc.) Any tips? Do I miss certain files, do I need to remove more?

Thanks so much for your help.


2006-02-18, 14:21
i'm having the same issue. i have reinstalled several times -- there doesn't seem to be an uninstall option for the mac, so i delete any slimserver/squeezebox files, then redownload and reinstall. each time it seems to install fine, then i press 'start' and five seconds later it stops running.

anyone know what's wrong here?


2006-02-23, 04:45
I had a similar issue. I deleted the .pref file and reinstalled 6.2.1 which still works. It did cause some strange issues with my SB2 though, and I had to reflash the firmware to get things really back to normal. It's a pain though, because as soon as you delete the .pref fiile, you obviously lose favourites and any other customisations.