View Full Version : SqueezeBox 3 stopping in middle of track.. Buffer = 100%

2006-02-15, 05:24

I have a brand new Squeezebox 3. It has a very annoying problem of stopping (frequently) in the middle of tracks.

Once it stops its will just sit there indefinitely until I press the "fwd" button on the remote. Pressing "fwd" will progress to the next track.

All the tracks have been ripped from CD using iTunes (either 128kb m4a, or 256kb m4a). The tracks play fine in iTunes.

I have turned "buffer fullness" on the display. The tracks stop dead even when the buffer reports 100%.

Any ideas you guys might have would be appreciated.

Oh.. one last thing, when the tracks stop dead the Squeezebox emits an electronic "squelch" out the speakers.. which is not nice either.


2006-02-15, 06:59
I used to have similar problems when I first got my SB3, they were caused by problems that the SB3 was having communicating with either the router or the SlimServer, switching wifi routers from my SMC router to a DLink (which worked) and Belkin (which solved other distance related issues elsewhere in the house)solved the problem .

My other symptoms were, not being able to get a DHCP address assigned on the first try and periodic inability to connect to the SlimServer, and unresponsiveness to the remote whenever the SB3 was having communication issues. If any of those are happening to you, you may be experiencing the same problem.

I did not, though, have that squelching sound you mention.

2006-02-17, 16:59
Thanks stoobie-doo,

I moved the squeezebox to a different part of the house. In the first location (where it was cutting out) the SB reported a signal level of between 40% and 50%.

I moved it to a location where signal was 80% to 90% and it hasn't cut out once (24 hours continous play and still going).

I would have thought that the buffer would have governed when the tracks cut out - which is why I was puzzled as buffer was consistently reporting 100% full.

Now I just have to to figure out how to improve wireless reception in the room I want to put the SB.