View Full Version : PLAY not working well on remote

2006-02-14, 18:02
SB1 Server 6.2.1

The play button seems very unresponsive but not all the time. When using lastfm or any internet radio for that matters, PLAY works fine.

When adding one song while browsing thru my music folders (I havent had time to retag everything) PLAY works fine and plays that one song.

However, when I browse my music folder and try to PLAY a group like Led Zeppelin (as illustrated in the manual on page 11) most of the time nothing happens. I'll hit the play button repeatedly, still nothing happens. Once in awhile it will work and all the albums (only 3! So its not a lot of music like trying to play everything in my rock folder) from Led Zeppelin will be added to my playlist.

Every other button works fine and quick and the play button does work great when wanting to play a single song, internet radio, etc but when trying to play a group it continues to be unresponsive.

I did a quick search and read about some other folks having a slow response with their remotes with the newer server software but mines really not responsive in all aspects, just with the PLAY button and dealing with adding a whole album or a few albums to the playlist.

It also seems that the + button is just as unresponsive as the play button under the circumstances stated above.

Any ideas?

Thanks :)