View Full Version : error sysncing to mpeg

2006-02-14, 17:53
i get that error when i try to connect to http://music:9000/stream.mp3 in winamp.

i can connect to http://music:9000 and manage the server so i dont think the network is an issue. the files im trying to stream are .mp3 files and in file types i have .mp3 checked

what am i doing wrong?

2006-02-14, 18:07
check your winamp settings. If you have it set to use a proxy for
streaming connections, it may not properly connect to an internal

2006-02-14, 18:45
yeah, i tried that already i was hoping there was some setting in slimserver that i didnt set or something.

if it means anything to anyone it doesn't work in media player either.