View Full Version : SB display: colomn dots left and right? strange...

2006-02-14, 16:57
On the left and right of the dispay, I see a colomn of dimmed dots. [One or two vertical lines of dots - w] They seem to flicker somewhat, and only disappear if that vertical line is used to display text.

I tried other walloutlets (also on another fuse), tried it without other cables and did upgrade to the latest firmware and slimserver (Mac). That did not matter.... Is my SB defective? Or is this a known feature?

Though the SB is a great product, and I'm willing to accept some loose ends, the price is too high to gladly step over this problem. After all, having such a high quality display is one of the sellingpoints of the SB.

2006-02-14, 18:32
you may want to post a picture to be sure, but a little bit of glow at the far edges of the display is normal.