View Full Version : Old SLiMP3 - New Squeezebox

2006-02-14, 15:49
I just had to say here how happy I am with my new Squeezebox 3, and the 6.2.2 release of SlimServer. I have been a vocal critic at times here in the past, as I was peeved about drop outs and skips in my SLiMP3 player on the 6.1/6.2.1 Slimserver releases. BUT today was a very good day. Before my "3" showed up, I gave the 6.2.2 bug fix a run and it seemed to play nice with the SLiMP3. A few drops, but mostly responsive enough. Then the "3" showed up.

Wonderful design, wonderful display, simple set up.

Bigger buffer = no drops at all.

XM Plug in (Thanks Phil), and I can stream those stations.

And I have more to explore.

You guys ROCK!