View Full Version : playlist strategy on Linux?

2006-02-14, 12:04

My current setup is ubuntu running slimserver + AlienBBC with a couple of hard drives (media + backup). I have this networked with an iMac running iTunes for my iPod mounting the linux server using samba, so iTunes can see all the mp3s.

Ok so good so far. This setup works like a treat, apart from a few shortcomings.

1. Playlists. I really like iTunes smart playlists but unfortunately I cannot see some way to be able to use these playlist on my linux server. Any ideas?
2. Playcount update from the server to iTunes. I have iTunesUpdate but unfortunatly it does not update the playcount to an OSX version if iTunes

Anyways if anyone cares to share their setup/ideas/suggestions for improving my setup I would love to hear them


2006-02-14, 12:16
Can't you just share the directory on the Mac which has the itunes.xml file and have the server point to it?

2006-02-14, 16:09
I haven't tried but I think I would have problems as the mount points on the iMac and Linux are not the same. OSX mounts the smb shares in /Volume.

I guess I could modify the mount point on the linux server to match the iMac.