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2006-02-13, 21:58
Okay, I'm thinking that until I get my entire music collection recognized by SlimServer I'm going to go through some frustration. I added about a dozen CDs to my iTunes Music Library and tthen opened up the SlimServer web access and clicked rescan to add the new music. My remote of course is now unresponsive or slow as hell and I'm beginning to think I need to do this stuff before I'm going out on an errand or something (and not when I want to listen to music). So what's the deal-is this the only way? Clicking through he web access site is already slow as hell and maybe combined with the whole rescanning thing it's worse but I'm at a loss to figure out another way to do this. Any help here for a new guy?

2006-02-14, 01:20
It certainly shouldn't be like this. I have about 1,300 albums and 30,000 songs and rescanning only takes about 30mins - 1hr. During this process web and player access slow down a little but are still okay.

Can you give a little more detail as to what version of SlimServer you are running, what computer you are running the server on and also what operating system you are using.

I suspect that there is an interaction problem with itunes, have you tried turning the itunes plugin off to see if that improves things.

You could also try the latest 6.22 release which has an option to remove the album and artist count statistics which for me has considerably improved both rescan and web access speed.

2006-02-17, 11:11
Hey Matty:
Thanks for the response and I'd have to say that I'm a pretty unhappy SB user right now. Running Mac OS X 10.4.5 (I think that's the most recent). I'm listening to Pat Metheny and the music keep dropping out-enough so that I'm going to have to shut the thing off. I have an Airport Extreme G network on a G5 iMac with a ton of RAM and an antenna on the Airport hub which is located 10-12 feeet from the SB3.
So some additional details on what I'm getting today-when I turned the thing on and navigatedd to the artist I wanted tto listeen to it ttook three minutes after pressing play before the song started. The music has now almost completely stopped playing and like I said, I'm going to have to turnm it off because it is now worse than irrititating.
An addditional note here-I bought this thing basedd on a combination of factors-the NY Times article, the pandora feature andd also the facct that the Slim Devices management seem to be frequest posters on the forum. I thought great product, good maanagement, dynamic product-what else is there? Well the support to date has been miserable and the product has been problematic and that confuses the heck out of me.
Don't know what else tto say here exceptt if I am unable to listen to the music that's on my computer on the SB, what point is there in having one?
Anyone have any ideas here?

2006-02-17, 11:48
Well the support to date has been miserable

What support options have you tried? Just your post here? You got a useful response including a few suggestions. Have you tried those?

2006-02-17, 12:04
You can also email support directly or give them a call. The forum isn't the only means of support and not tp everyones tastes, but more traditional forms are available and i'm told they work well (not needed to use them).

2006-02-17, 13:18
Hi Radish and Funkstar:
Two phone calls today and three or four email so yes, I've tried other options. As for the suggestions here, of course! I'm trying everything I can (seriously) to make this work but not getting too far.
About to call again as my most recent effort to resan left out all of the new playlists I added. What I'm trying to do before I call is to rescan the playlists but am not sure that's working (for some reason its leaving out the 5 Jane Siberry lists in between James Taylor and Jane's Addiction (maybe it doesn't like my taste?)...

The Witty Frog
2006-02-21, 02:49
I have three different Squeezebox networks all running Mac OS X 10.4.5. I have had similar problems in the past: perseverence is the key.

Try these simple things first:

1. Is your library on an external hard disk? If so, try and correct permissions. Right click Get Info on the disk and ensure that the "Ignore permissions on this volume" is unchecked.

If you have more than one user on your system, I suggest you install SlimServer "For ALL users" and ensure that your external hard disk is owned by "system" and that all other users have read/write access.

2. The iTunes Library: for some reason, I have found that with the above setup Slimserver only likes the iTunes Library to be stored on the system's hard disk. So, if your iTunes library is pointed to your external disk, it will not play properly.

3. Finally, you may find that if the above (2) has occured, your external hard disk may have been renamed by your system. To check this, goto Finder/Go/Go to folder and type in /volumes. You may see that your external disk (eg: named Music) has aliases of Music (1) and Music (2) etc. Delete these aliases, and then rename your external hard disk so that it creates a completely new alias.

I imagine that problem 3 above is causing your issues, solution 1 and 2 should resolve it.

The Witty Frog
2006-02-21, 02:56
Airport problem: ensure that your Airport is setup correctly in terms of router/modem.

Is your router distributing IP Addresses in addition to your Airport?

Try adjusting the Multicast rate on the Airport base station (Wireless Options/Multicast Rate) to 2. See if a difference occurs. Try 5.5.

Also ensure that the Airport is set to 802.11g ONLY.

Sorry to be brief: but hope the above helps.

The Witty Frog
2006-02-21, 03:36
Finally: try running SlimServer with the Mac OS X Firewall OFF to see if playback improves.

If it does, the TCP ports to open are: 9000, 9090 and 3483.

(Of course, if your ADSL modem is also a router, and is not configured correctly, this may also be blocking ports.)

I hae found the easiest way to configure the Airport and modem, is simply to have the ADSL modem/router set to Bridge mode and ensure that your computer with the Slimserver has a fixed IP address. This only works in OS X 10.4 and above: to do this, you need to set up DHCP manually in System Preferences, configure the Airport to point to a Default Host, and also enable NAT port mapping in the Airport Admin Utility. If you are not sure how to do this, I can explain, but it requires several detailed steps and I would need to know more information about your setup.

2006-02-21, 03:42
What is your ITunes Reload interval set to ?

I don't use ITunes personally, but there were a lot of posts in the past about the fact that if you are pointing Slimserver at an Itunes Music Library, the ITunes default setup is to reload every 60 seconds, which kills Slimserver performance, particularly on rescans. Sounds very much like what you are experiencing.

Server settings->iTunes->iTunes reload interval. Try setting this to a high value or even zero to disable it (within Slimserver).

Does that improve the situation ?

Pale Blue Ego
2006-02-21, 06:56
One other thing you can do, if you just added to the library and want to play those new tracks...

Don't do a rescan. Instead, use the slim web interface OR the remote control, and just "Browse Music Folder" until you get to the folder(s) of new tracks. This will have the effect of adding the new tracks to the database AND you'll be able to que them up immediately right from the folder view.

2006-02-21, 12:20
Here is another "gotcha" involving iTunes rescanning. If you select the option "find iTunes library from preferences", and leave one of the two following path settings (music folder and iTunes XML file location) blank, then the iTunes rescan code will run, but will fail to record the scan time, so it will keep rescanning again and again, separated by the rescan interval.

This was killing the performance of my new SB3 until I dug into the Perl code and figured out what was going on. I forget all the details (I'm at the office, and the SlimServer is at home), but setting both the paths correctly fixed the infinite rescan problem.

A rescan of a small library should be reasonably quick (my 650 CD library takes 15 minutes or so), but it does tend to mess up playback and SB3 UI responsiveness while it is going on.

I found this annoying, so I turned off automatic rescanning completely, and am using the "timed rescan" plug-in (set to 3 am), with a manual rescan when needed.

This is OK for me. Now that I know what to expect, it is no big deal. It's not like I am buying and ripping multiple stacks of new CDs every day...

If I had the time and inclination, I would dive in and fix the Perl code in iTunes.pm so that it checks to see if a track is playing and breaks up the rescan into smaller chunks to improve responsiveness, but with a young baby at home, I don't think that'll make it to the top of my "to do" list