View Full Version : Slimserver speed ok...

2006-02-13, 14:06
I'm rurning SlimServer Version: 6.5b1 - 6125 on Windows Server 2003 with 721 albums & 9443 songs by 372 artists. From a speed perspective I've not noticed any of the lags other users seem to be plagued by. Even browsing by album artwork is pretty quick.

Box is a P4 3.2 with 1GB of RAM. The Squeezebox 3 is connected directly to the PC by way of crossover cable. Responses to remote commands and web interface commands are both instant.

Of course, all this may well change when I am able to consolidate my collection and effectively double the number of albums by moving everything to a ReadyNAS. Anyone managed to install MySQL on a ReadyNAS NV box (I'm not running MySQL at the moment)?