View Full Version : Re: Potential Squeezebox killer? iTunes fans mightthink so...

2006-02-12, 19:26
>>> SoundBoy.234wyc (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com 02/12/06 3:56 PM >>>
> Howdy folks - I am an Apple fan, running my wifi network with
> apple computers, owning an airport express and an IPod and
> an SB3. Why did I buy the SB3 - easy call, because of the big
> display, the nice remote and the possibility to connect to the
> Internet without the need to have a computer running.
> - My IMacs stream Internet music superior then SB3 (under
> my DSL network conditions)

Huh? The SB3 doesn't stream the music. This isn't even
a remotely valid comparison...

> - I do not do FLAC as I am using ITunes to stream music via
> airtunes to all the other rooms except the SB3 bedroom.

Shame. FLAC kicks butt...

> As an Apple fan, flac is not doing anything for you. So
> what does it need to get rid of my SB3.

Huh? Now I'm really confused.

> A Airport express device that has a display and can
> connect to the internet without a computer's help..
> then.. but only then you can have my SB3.. An WiFi
> Ipod is not doing much for me as long as it does not
> connect to the internet...

Can I get first dibs on your SB3? Because I'm betting that
either an Airport-like device will have a display or an ipod
will be internet capable within a year.

What would be useful is if the ipod could be used as a
remote for slimserver.

Because I don't want any company telling me what I can
do with the music I've purchased. It's bad enough that
I can't listen to music I purchased with iTunes before
I knew what I was doing can't be played in my car
(unless I do the burn/rip dance), but I'll be damned
if I'll let Apple (or slim, or any one company) tell me
what format I can or can't have my music stored in.

I like Macs and Apple in general. I still have a Mac Plus
from my college days (that actually runs). I just
hate what they've done to exploit the lemmings
otherwise known as consumers.