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2006-02-12, 17:50
Cancel That - Just found the problem - "disable Super-G"!

I just got the Squeezebox. I can connect it to my LAN with a patch cable NP. However when I try to go wireless, things fail. I am using a D-Link DI-624 Router. My Squeezebox sees the network, obtains an IP address from some one else's network even though I have identified my network in the setup process.... I have tried establishing the IP address myself - to no avail..... Any ideas out there?


2006-02-12, 22:16
"Super-G" and "Super-G Turbo" are proprietary/non-standard enhancements to the Wireless-G (802.11g) standard. As you found, the current 'release' version of the Squeezebox firmware isn't compatible with the "Super-G" and "turbo" modes on some routers. Turning these Super-G and "turbo" options off through your router's config/setup screen fixes the problem, and the Squeezebox works great.

The beta firmware available for download on this site does add support for these non-standard "Super-G" and "Super-G Turbo" modes to the Squeezebox, but I prefer to wait for officially released firmware updates. This firmware should be officially released with the next Slimserver update, and then you can re-enable the "Super-G" feature on your router.

2006-02-15, 08:48

So should I read this post to mean that if I want to use my Netgear router WGT624 wireless in the 108 mode that my Squeezebox Firmware Version 40 will not allow me to connect (as seems to be the case).