View Full Version : Missing 1st Track from some Albums ?

2006-02-12, 14:51
Hi All

While writing a plugin for Meedio I've been delving a little more into exactly what tracks I have in my database and I've noticed that several albums are missing tracks.

It's hard to find a relationship between the missing tracks, but it's usually the first track of an album (it's only a small percentage of albums that are missing these tracks though - probably 2-3% of all albums are missing track 1 / others).

I've done a complete rescan just in case anything funny happened first time round, and this time *other* albums are missing the tracks and the original tracks that were missing are now there !

Any ideas on what could be causing this inconsistent behaviour ? / has this been reported before ?

I've got slimserver running on a mini-itx box and all my music kept on a linkstation NAS device. Maybe there was some network 'glitch' when scanning the NAS device ?

Latest (6.2.1) version of SlimServer installed.



2006-02-13, 02:40
Anyone got any ideas ?