View Full Version : Potential Squeezebox killer? iTunes fans might think so...

Mark Lanctot
2006-02-12, 10:53
Interesting, but does it offer the same sound
quality? No.

Digital audio outputs? No.

Does it have the same large, bright, legible
screen? No. Not compared to a Squeezebox screen

Does it have a remote control? No.

Can it be controlled over your network? No.

Is the software as powerful or as flexible?
People seem to like it, but it seems quite
limiting. It likes doing things "its way". 3rd
party plugins? Forget about it! You do what
Apple allows you to do.

Slim Devices would be well advised to stay away
from Apple's market. They have demolished
competitors much larger than Slim. However, Slim
is in a niche that Apple won't ever touch: an
audiophile device developed around open-source
software. Customers are encouraged to contribute
to the device and its software. Counter this with
Apple's "do it our way" concept.

Perhaps Slim might even become a refuge for those
iPod users disenfranchised with the proprietary
"DRM in everything" Apple paradigm. Well, it
*could* happen. :-)

Apple developing an iPod-like "base station" could
address several of these limitations, but when it
comes to flexibility and customer involvement Slim
can always beat them.

EnochLight wrote:
> ...or not! Looks like Apple might move the iPod to
802.11G, allowing
> people to connect to iTunes via a WiFi spot. With a
simple device like
> an Altec Lansing iM7 or cradle dock for your Hi-Fi,
could an
> evolutionary step like this be a potential
Squeezebox killer for home
> networks?
> I hope not!
> Read here:
> http://www.dailytech.com/article.aspx?newsid=753


Mark Lanctot