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2006-02-11, 18:29
This is probably more of a Windows networking problem than Squeezebox-specific, but I'll ask it anyway since the answer doesn't appear to be on the XP help site and some kind person might have the answer.

Due to physical constraints I have to have the Slimserver PC and the the SBs on a wireless segment. Everything has been fine until I come to add a NAS (ReadyNAS X6) into the equation.

In order to take advantage of the gigabit ethernet connection for bulk file transfers to the NAS I added another (wired) network adapter into the server PC, giving it and the NAS static IP addresses outside the DHCP range of the wireless router.

Now what happens is that the wired adapter seems to 'take charge' and I have lost internet connectivity through the wireless network, and cannot even ping the router, although everything says the PC is connected to the wireless side.

If I disable the wired LAN connection everything is fine.

I tried bridging the two connections in Windows but this has the effect of disconnecting the wireless side.

Any clues? Thanks in advance.

2006-02-11, 18:48
It's probably a connection preference thing, it thinks it can get to the outside world over the wired connection so it uses that because wired is "better" that wireless.

I would make sure the different network interfaces on the server are on different subnets, not just different IPs. For example, if your dhcp range is 192.168.1.x make the other interface and the NAS in the 192.168.2.x range. Then, make sure your wireless interface has a "gateway" set to whatever your router's address is, and make sure the connection to the NAS has no gateway set. Ensure bridging, sharing etc are all OFF. That should be enough of a clue to windows that it should use the wireless connection for anything external.

2006-02-11, 19:10

That fixed it.