View Full Version : I love this thing!

2006-02-11, 17:05
First let me say that I dont work for Slim Devices, and I paid FULL retail for my wireless SB3 :)

I've had it for almost 3 weeks now and I find myself enjoying it more and more every day. Finding new internet radio stations, and waking up to my favorite music files is aweseome!

2 years ago, I bought a linksys wireless B media adapter, and not only was it slow, but there was so much bottlenecking I couldnt through a full 15 song playlist without multiple hiccups. My SB3 is very fast, and I've experienced NO hiccups with my older 802.11B network.

I also want to add that before I bought this device, I sent customer service a few inquiry emails. They responded very quickly and were very kind and informative.

Not only that, but the people on this forum are extremely kind and helpful. I had a request for a scrolling custom text script, and although it took almost a week, through the help of some really patient and knowledgable posters, I finally got it to work.

So this post is all about thanks and praise, because this was the best 300 bucks I spent in a LONG TIME!

2006-02-11, 17:17
Another testimonial for the testimonials page .... :-)