View Full Version : Linux / iTunes / Mac using central library

2006-02-11, 16:47
I'm having difficulty getting SlimServer and iTunes to share a music library.

I've got a Debian Linux box with SlimServer running on it and some shared disk space.

I've got iTunes running on my iBook. The remote linux volume is mounted and I've told iTunes to use it as the iTunes music folder location.

All my music is thus in a location where both SlimServer and iTunes can get at it. However, iTunes is still keeping the library metadata (/Users/username/Music/iTunes/iTunes Library
and /Users/username/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml)
locally on the iBook. I've seen folks mention using TweakUI / registry edits on Windows to trick iTunes into placing not just the music but also the library files themselves on a remote volume. But how do I do it on OS X?

I suppose an work-around would be to set up a cron job to periodically copy the "iTunes Music Library.xml" from the iBook to the Linux box -- but then it'll never have the ability to make use of (future?) SlimServer features/plug-ins that push e.g. ratings/play counts/playlists back out to iTunes.

Am I asking for too much? I thought I'd get to worry about multiple iBooks and disconnected operation before running to a wall! :-)

2006-02-12, 09:17
You can do a link using ln from ~/Music/iTunes to wherever you want the file to be on your server. It works. You can even have multiple users access the iTunes library (in sequence) if you have ACL set right on the server (or if both users access the server using a third username).

What you must make sure however is that the song path from iTunes and from SlimServer are the same. iTunes write the full path name of songs in the XML file and this is what SlimServer reads, so you basically get an empty lib if they don't match.