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David Miller
2006-02-11, 11:45
When I first bought my Squeezebox (SB2) late in 2004, I found it a breeze to use with iTunes. Slimserver (some flavour of 4.x through 5.x) picked up my iTunes (4.x) library, playlists etc and made them seamlessly available. Any additions to the iTunes library were quickly reflected in the Slimserver library. All that has changed and I'm unsure why.
Currently, I'm running server 6.2 on a 500MHz G3 iMac with 512M Ram and OS 10.4.4. My iTunes library is now on an external Firewire drive and indeed, only iTunes lets you use an external drive because slimserver itself doesn't recognise the aliases that point the server to an offboard library (or has this changed?). I certainly cannot point to the library in iTunes field boxes for the library and .xml file and I can't leave them blank either as they won't accept blank fields. Instead, it defaults to the music folder on the Mac's internal disc. Perhaps this is where the problem lies. The net result of all this is that:-

a) I have to force a complete rescan of my iTunes library every time I add new music othewise the server library isn't updated. This always crashes the server which I have to restart.
b) Each rescan takes over 4h to complete. This is with a 40Gb library, so maybe that's normal.
c) During a rescan, the server is invisible to the squeezebox which means that I normally have to leave it overnight if I want to hear my new additions with minimal inconvenience.

I'd like to know if this is normal behaviour. Moreover, if I move the server to a machine with a bigger internal drive, will the update problem be resolved?

All comments and advice gratefully received.

David Miller
2006-02-11, 14:15
Actually, I've discovered that the slimserver library is not being updated now. I've checked the .xml file and that's up to date and I now understand that that's where iTunes puts it. (/Users/user/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml). Slimserver scans the correct folder on the external drive,but the new material doesn't show up!

Perhaps the server uses its own xml file or cache somewhere that I need to trash?

Craig, James (IT)
2006-02-13, 04:03
Hi David,
You should enable the d_itunes debugging option and then force a rescan.
Then check the SlimServer log to see exactly what's going on...


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