View Full Version : Problem Tuning-In

Ursa Minor
2006-02-11, 09:55
I am a complete novice at networks and have just bought and installed a Squeezebox 3. The installation induceds the usual headaches and dizziness, but they soon passed and I have finally figured out how to do most things I want to do, when I want to do them. However (You know there is always one of these)...

I am having a problem streaming my favorite radio show over my SB3. The URL for this program is: mms:// When I enter this in the URL box at the top of my browser, it starts Windows Media Player and streams the audio through my sound card to my headphones fine. When I use the "Radio Tune In" selection on my slim server software and enter the URL, it says it is tuned in and the music player in the right pane says it is playing, but nothing happens. The display on my SB3 says "Now Playing (1 of 1) mms://". I would think there is problem with using this URL, but when the Windows Media Player streams the audio, I can't figure out why the SB3 will not. Anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.