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2006-02-10, 21:04
Can anyone suggest how I could simply use Slimserver to echo any sound made by its PC host to the SB3? And yes, I mean every alert sound, background website music, audio track, and beep--any sound coming out of the PC's speaker.

In other words, essentially using the Slimserver/SB3 in place of a sound card/powered speakers.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.

2006-02-10, 21:30
Perhaps a sound driver that output a bitstream that could be tuned in to with a SB (via http if neccessary).

Something along those lines is the only thing that comes immediately to mind.

2006-02-11, 08:04
This has been discussed before. You could use the search function to find more discussion of it. But basically:

There is not at present a way of capturing sound occuring on a PC and turning it into a stream that a squeezebox would understand. Some people are working on it, but I don't know how the progress is. And it's the sort of thing that will be different on different operating systems.

There are some minor differences depending on whether you want to catch line in (for example, to get a signal from a shortwave radio onto the squeezebox) or line out (to catch the signals from PC alerts, etc). But they're solveable, for the most part.

Then there is the fact that, if you wanted to play this sound and the squeezebox was playing music, you'd have to wait until the current song was over. There's currently no good way to have announcements play "over" the song (like, "new email has arrived" or "the door is ajar").

The final problem is that the squeezebox is an expensive way of making what is essentially an outboard version of the PC sound card. Other manufacturers already do this. Creative, Turtle Beach, Hercules.

So unless I don't understand your application, I expect this isn't the right tool for the job.

2006-02-11, 11:04
Thanks. I'm aware of discussion of piping sound card line in to SB. That's not quite what I'm looking for, and unfortunately searching on "streaming audio computer sound" isn't much of a discriminator.

I'm having difficulty defining precisely what I'm looking for, but maybe this is better: I'd like to create a Slimserver playlist with a "song" called "Any sound coming through computer's speaker". If there's no sound coming out of the speaker, then SB will play silence. And by defining the computer's sound as a song, I have no expectation of playing computer sound over another song.

As you note there are many inelegant means of sending computer audio to a remote audio input. Another I've considered is Audiocontrol's series of unbalun-balun converters, which at least preserve bandwidth and isolation over (dedicated) cat5 lines. It just seems to me that it should be possible to send audio over an existing 100MHz network, and Slimserver-SB already does the last 95% of the task elegantly.

I hope that's a more useful statement of my query.

2006-02-11, 11:17
OK. Let me paraphrase what you've written and you tell me if I'm saying it right.

You want the sound that would ordinarily come out of your computers audio hardware to instead get put on your network and come out of the squeezebox somewhere else. Is that right?

2006-02-11, 11:25
Yes, I think that's correct; all the sound, regardless of origin. So whether the sound originates from a local app, the operating system, or is streamed to the computer from elsewhere, if it is playing through the computer's audio hardware I'd like to send it through the network to the SB.


2006-02-11, 12:02
OK. I think someone is working on this, but I don't know how far they've gotten. Maybe they'll see this posting and answer.

2006-02-11, 15:16
Thanks for helping to articulate the need.