View Full Version : Tracks Repeating

Dave Bird
2006-02-10, 05:52
My SB3 has started repeating tracks, when I play an album the first track will repeat over & over. It goes to the next one if I skip it on but then plays that one over and over.

I have the latest firmware in the SB3, which fixed my Netgear problems, and last nights slimserver software:

SlimServer Version: 6.2.2 - 6152 - Windows XP - EN - cp1252

Any thoughts out there .. have I inadvertently set some strange option somewhere?


2006-02-10, 06:03
first place to look is on the web interface and in the player interface (right hand screen in the Default skin) there is the Repeat options of Off; One; All. You may have accidentaly set the repaet to One.

On the remote there is the Repeat button (middle button in the second last row) which should also allow you to set the repaet options. More than likely this button has been pressed accidentally at some point.


Dave Bird
2006-02-10, 06:10
That fixed it .. cant believe I missed it .. having a bad day at the moment as the heating just started leaking through the ceiling and my Harley won't start :-(

Thanks again