View Full Version : Synchronization track restart ideas

2006-02-09, 19:02
I've had my SB3s for about 2 months now, and all in all I'm very happy with them. One annoyance is the track restart when an SB is synced or unsynced. Frequently when I want to turn on the SB in the bedroom, I'll wait for the next track to start just to avoid this. I've read many posts about this issue, and understand that it's much more complicated than it seems at first. But I have two ideas that might help.

The first is to have an option for the new device to not start playing until the begining of next track. If it's a long track and you don't want to wait, you could always hit the rew button to skip back to the beginning of the track so they can resync immediately.

The second option would be a little more involved and would only affect SBs that are already synced before they are turned on. The basic idea is to change the power on and off function. Currently when you turn a SB on or off, it changes the display, signals the server that it's on or off (or is it the server that signals the SB?) and it starts or stops playing audio.

Suppose we introduce a third standby state. From the servers perspective, this would essentially be the same as the on state. From the users perspective it would look like it was off. The display would be set to the off mode, and the audio muted. If two devices are synchronized, but one is turned off, it would actually be in standby state. It would receive the audio stream, as if it were on, so it would stay synchronized. But the display would indicate that it was off, and there would be no audio. If you turn it on it would already be synced and could just un-mute the audio and change the display.

I'd take a crack at implementing these myself, but I don't see any time available for the forseable future. Anyone else think this is of any interest?