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2006-02-08, 19:18
OK guys, help me out here, I'm obviously being thick. Here's what it says in SS "Tuned into station: http://www.archive.org/download/dgray2005-08-02.flac16/dgray2005-08-02.flac16_64kb.m3u", but nothing is happening - no activity in right-hand pane, no activity at SB. What am I missing?
The stream plays fine in WMP.
Thanks for the help.
impatient with my rookieness

2006-02-08, 19:39
OK, stupid question, did you click "play"?

2006-02-09, 02:31
the file you are looking at is a playlist, with 15 mp3 files defined in it, which may be the reason that the Radio Streaming doesn't understand it.

If you save that file to your playlists directory you can then open that playlist and listen to David Gray. (I've saved the file myself and will listen to it tonight).


2006-02-09, 06:29
Thanks dropbear!
I've reread the help/wiki, and I think I understand, the .m3u denotes a playlist file, that contains the addresses to the streamable files? The source of my confusion is that it seems you have to actually save this file directly in your playlist folder - there doesn't seem to be an interface inside SlimServer for dropping it in, is there? (shouldn't there be?) Or am I just being thick once again?
Very helpful, as always!