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2006-02-08, 18:08
I've been following the buzz around here about Infrant's readynas products and ran across this cheaper, well reviewed terabyte alternative at a local Fry's for $699.00(!):


* 1TB or 1.6TBs Network Attached Storage (NAS) capacity ($699
for the 1TB)
* RAID levels 5, 1+0, 0 and 1
* Four enterprise quality IDE hard disk drives each with its own master disk controller
* Advanced airflow design so system runs cool
* Auto backup* (of network clients)
* Serial port for UPS
* Expandable storage (via "Daisy-chaining")

Secure Networking Features

* 8-port 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN switch
* 1 WAN port (100Mbps) for DSL/cable modem
* Double firewall (NAT and SPI) for Internet gateway
* DHCP services
* HTTP, NFS, FTP and Telnet services
* Proxy server
* Web Access Control (URL blocking)
* User-defined access and permissions
* Monitor and record e-mail traffic

Easy to Use Features

* All-in-one compact design ("shoebox-sized")
* Easy to set-up and manage
* Easy to add PCs to the network
* Web-based administration
* Support for most browsers (IE, Safari®, Firefox®, Netscape®, Mozilla)
* Optimized operating system

Network Client Support

* Windows® 2000, XP, 2003
* Mac OS X, Tiger or newer
* Unix or Linux via NFS

Physical Specifications

* Power consumption: 200 Watts
* AC power: 95-132V / 190-264V
* FCC Class B, UL, MIC, and CE Certified
* Physical Size (in.): 5.5(w) x 7.9(h) x 12.1(l)
* Product weight with 4 HDDs: 14 lbs. (approx)
* Shipping weight with 4 HDDs: 17.5 lbs. (approx)
* Operating temperature: 32-95°F, 0-35°C
* Non-operating temperature: ~14-122°F, ~10-50°C
* Operating humidity: 90% max., non-condensing
* Vibration with package: 5-200MHz, 1Grms, 30min/each pole (x,y,z)
* Acoustic noise (sound pressure level): Idle: 36dBA / Operating: 45dBA

Here's the link to the $699 deal at Fry's:

Here's the link to the manufaturer's web site:

Apparent downsides - no gigabyte ethernet; IDE (Not SATA) drives not hot swappable; NAS OS (some flavor of emedded linux) not yet GPL'd. It does have an 8 port switch, however, and the company has promised on it's forums that they will soon release the sourcecode for the NAS OS. These devices can also be daisy chained together. I wonder how the real-world speed difference in IDE vs SATA read/write times would play out in otherwise similar NAS devices, and if gigabyte ethernet would make that much of a speed difference for primarily audio (slimserving) streaming/storage/delivery.

Anyone have any experience with the Yellow Box? According to the (hardly comprehensive) smattering of reviews I've come across, these Anthology devices seem to fall in quality between Buffalo and Infrant's respective lines.

For the price they look pretty damned sweet, IMO and looks like a nice match for a the Squeezebox owner seeking an affordable and reliable HABB (Home Audio Bit Bucket).

Please share if you have an opinion one way or another on this product!

2006-02-09, 07:05
Lack og gigabit ethernet and SATA are not going to hamper performance as far as streaming music is concerneed. Well, unless you are supporting many flients, but then you will probably run into a throughput issue with the usit anyway, especially if it was capable of hosting slimserver itself.

However i would have bandwidth concerns with the lack of gigabit when connecting multiple units together.