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2006-02-08, 05:45

I was wondering if there is any easy or straightforward way to move songs up and down a playlist from the webserver interface. I know there are arrows but if I add the 102nd song to a play list and want it at number 20, clicking the up arrow 80 times seems a bit ridiculous. I have tried grabbing the song and moving it but the software does not let you. I did read some posts about 3rd party programs to make playlists and, if necessary, I will try one that is recommended highly but if I do not have to add yet another software program to the computer, it would be great. Thank you in advance for any suggestions


2006-02-08, 06:41
One of the skins for SB allows drag and drop within the playlist. It doesn't allow drag and drop from the other plane to add new tracks but you can reorder the tracks in the list.

Personally I'm trialing Music Magic Mixer http://www.predixis.com/ which is nice if you want to create some mixes based on mood/sound. That or generating lists in Foobar2000 or Winamp might be easier if you want to do it regularly. iTunes is another option. Personally I want MMM for the mixing ability. I've posted a link in a long thread elsewhere on this forum on how to get MMM to run as a Service (skip the the end of the Thread as the old method is no longer needed).


2006-02-08, 06:56
Thank you for the information. I will try initially to work with the other skin (presumably there is a menu to change these, I am not at home to work with it directly right now), and I will check out MMM.

Thanks again for your time.


2006-02-08, 07:45
BTW, found skins under server settings...just wondering, which skin is thought to be the most user friendly re: moving songs up and down playlist. Thanks again. I will also look into MMM for their interface.


2006-02-08, 07:56
I _think_ it's ExBrowse3 that allows drag & drop, a lot of people like Fishbone for additional functionality too.