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2006-02-07, 16:04
I just received Sqeezebox3 today and tried to install wireless

The squeezebox is able to connect to my LAN via mye wireless router (DI-624).
I am using 64-bit shared WEP security so I enter the SSID and the password and it connects.
Also, I can see the squeezebox MAC address connected as a wireless client on the router admin page.

If I use auto DHCP to get an IP address it gives some address in the subnet like But my LAN uses subnet mask and so this seems strange. If I continue to try to connect to Slimserver running on my local computer at it cannot connect.

I have also tried to use static IP an set the squeezebox to but it still does not work. I cannot even ping this address!

I am not an networking expert, but can someone please help!!

2006-02-07, 17:21
First - I think DHCP is failing for some reason.

To set up static, you need to set the gateway and dns addresses to your router - probably

2006-02-08, 18:26
Hi there...

It seems that your router's DHCP server is not doing it's job properly....the address that you get is sort of a "rescue address" which devices get when DHCP fails.

If you give it a static IP address make sure that you use an address which is in your router's range...you can tell it what range to use if you go into it's configuration.

The Gateway address is usually the address you use to connect to your router and configure it.

Even if you don't put DNS in connecting to Slimserver should still be OK. You will need the DNS addresses to connect to Squeezenetwork...

Any of this makes sense?