View Full Version : SB2 for $118, would you buy it?

2006-02-07, 10:16
Edit: if it sounds too good to be true.....
Turns out it is the SB (sb1), not the sb2. Bummer...

The new sb3 looks great, and offers a lot for a acceptable yet high price. But, as it goes, the sb2 is now cheaper. In my case _much_ cheaper.

If you had the choice: a sb2 for 118 dollar, or a sb3 for 300 dollar. What would you choose?

2006-02-07, 10:21
Unless the aesthetics really turn you on, go for the SB2. They are identical under the hood. You save nearly $200 and get all of the benefits!


2006-02-08, 18:22
Considering all the problems everyone is having with the SB3 (inc myself) I'd now go for the SB2...