View Full Version : fast forward/rewind problems with WMA

2006-02-05, 09:47
I'm using slimserver 6.1.2, configured to play WMAs natively, not transcoded.

The fast forward and rewind operations for WMAs (and the song scanner plugin) do not work: playback just stops completely. It's working fine for MP3s, however.

I can't tell whether this is a known bug. There's an open issue in the bug database about this, but it predates the native WMA support, and there is nothing in there indicating whether it's still a problem now. I have seen a couple other complaints along the same lines, but no clear resolution.

So, should I file a bug report? Is this already a known issue? Is there some debugging output I can provide that would help track down the problem?


-Eli Daniel

2006-02-05, 15:19
Er, that's slimserver 6.2.1, not 6.1.2.

Patrick Dixon
2006-02-06, 01:46