View Full Version : Accessing music stored on NAS from iMac

2006-02-05, 09:36
I am in the process of swithcing to an imac from my windows machine. I have downloaded the mac version of slimserver and successfully installed it. However, I can not set the NAS device as my source for music files. I know on my windows machine I had to use //sever/path type of addressing. What do I need to do to get slimserver on the imac to recognize the NAS?

2006-02-05, 09:40
Are you mounting a windows-style export (SMB/CIFS) or nfs?

To mount a drive, using eithe rprotocol, you should be able to simply do the following:

command-K in the finder will bring up the 'connect to server' box.

Type in: smb:// (or whatever the URL to your server/drive would be.

To mount nfs, you do the same thing but replace smb with nfs in the URL. However, I had issues with nfs timing out until I enabled the sharing of my ethernet port in the 'Internet' tab of the 'sharing' preferences.


2006-02-05, 09:50
I can access the NAS device from the imac. However, when I type the name into slimserver i get the message that it is not a directory.

2006-02-06, 05:38
This is because the way a Mac mounts remote volumes/directories is a little weird.

If you've mounted the NAS drive on your desktop - I believe you get the little sphere in a cube icon - then what you enter in the SlimServer folder field would be "/Volumes/(drive name as it appears on your desktop)" (no quotes, no parens).

- Jasen.