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Mark Lanctot
2006-02-04, 21:38
I don't think I've seen this review mentioned here


It's a very positive review. It's intended for the
computer crowd - definitely not audiophiles. But it
has loads of SB3 internal shots for those who were
looking for them.

It does not have even one SlimServer screenshot

But not a bad review. Strangely, they identified the
wireless card as from "TP-LINK",
which is bizarre as I thought it was the same OEM
Atheros card used in the SB2s.

2006-02-06, 10:02
Hmm. The article ID didn't end up in your URL. Try this one:


They do note the fixed upward angle as a potential problem for users that want to install the SB on a high shelf. I recall that being discussed on this forum earlier, but people that actually installed in this way had no problems.

They also mention the issue of the power supply introducing noise on the second page of the article, as noticed by many audiophiles, but then say they used the stock supply for their tests. Then, on page six, they talk about how good the sound quality is. If at all, I think it would have been better to mention the power supply issue nearer to where they raved about the sound quality.

But overall, a very good review.