View Full Version : Great SB Review (Podcast) on AVS Forum

2006-02-04, 17:14

This is done by the HT Guys; a very positive review covering most aspects of the SB -- Closed vs. open source, remotes (Sonos' killer remote vs. PDAs/Nokias), high-quality audio engineering, competition, even their attempts at synchronization and resulting (positive) interaction with Slim support personnel, and more.

This was one of the best reviews of th SB I've heard/read. Very fair reporting discussing the pros and cons of the SB vs. other options.

Mitch G
2006-02-04, 19:14
I've been listening to these podcasts on and off for a while and just yesterday I was thinking about emailing them regarding the SB since they talk about every other gadget out there. :)
I'm looking forward to listening to this podcast.

Thanks for the heads up,