View Full Version : Beautiful Squeezebox ... Ugly Amplifier

2006-02-04, 08:24
My two new Squeezeboxes arrived a few days ago, and my wife and I are pretty amazed at the sound quality. My wife, a serious technophobe, is rapidly falling in love with the device (setting up a playlist with all her favorite radio stations helped).

So now, I have this beautiful new device in my family room, sitting on top of an ugly receiver and 5-disk CD changer.

I would like to demote those two devices to the rec room (where the second squeezebox will go) and replace them with a small, sleek amplifier and single-disk CD player, something about half the width of a typical component (or one of those wall-mounted stereos). Our family room is fairly large, and so far the only devices I've found that fit the bill seem like they'd be pretty cheesy from a sound quality perspective.

Can anyone recommend components that might fit the bill, preferably not in the price category of a Bang and Olufsen system?

I have considered using powered speakers and foregoing the amp completely ... but I still need the ability to play the occasional CD.

2006-02-04, 09:31
You could try the Super t-amp:

If you do, let me know how it works. I need an excuse to buy one.


2006-02-04, 10:26
Hmmm my amp isn't the sexist looking and hasn't had fantastic reviews but..... to my ears it sounds a lot better than the amp I walked into the shop to buy (and cost 1/3rd the price!).



So the moral of the story is... use your ears. Go into a hi fi shop where you can take the time to listen to the amps you want and go with what sounds best to you. Also take your own CDs to listen to, this helps a lot.

2006-02-04, 11:47
I have a Cambridge Audio Azur 640a AMP (BLACK). It's had great reviews and i highly recommend it. Not sure if you can get them in the USA (that were you are i take it?).