View Full Version : Problem in streaming native wma

2006-02-04, 06:29
Hi all

While i choose wma to stream in native format, and issue the play command in slim server, the slim server is not sending the slim proto command, i.e 'strm' command. In release notes slimserver 6.2 it is mentioned that wma can be streamed in native format.

When i choose wma to stream with lame, either mp3 or wav, the slim server issues the 'strm' messages to the control port.

i changed the convert.conf, replaced "wma wma squeezebox2 *" with
"wma wma * *". But the slimserver is not sending the 'strm' command.


2006-02-04, 06:33
AH, a post to one forum should be sufficient.

2006-02-04, 06:42
And a few more details ?

Which 6.2 Slimserver - 6.2.2 or 6.2.1 ?
OS ?
SB2 /SB3 / Softsqueeze / a combination ?

Also there was another recent thread on this - anything in there help you: