View Full Version : Re: Unresponsive Squeezebox onSqueezenetwork

Mark Lanctot
2006-02-03, 16:36
Cleve wrote:
> That makes the lag worse, IMO, because
Squeezenetwork gets deluged with
> remote control requests. I'd have to think the lag
could get worse as
> more and more SB3s are sold. The solution,
obviously, would be for
> slimdevices to build more 'hardwired' functions into
the Squeezebox.

Slim did deploy new servers when things got very
bad, about a month ago:


Yes, they'll have to keep adding capacity as the
number of SB3s sold increases.

Interestingly, just a few months ago Slim said
they had extra bandwidth to sell. So sales must
be going through the roof.

Now adding more functions into the Squeezebox
defeats the purpose of a "Slim" client. Currently
I believe the SB3 has quite a bit of resources,
but most of the flash and (I assume) the CPU
resources is devoted to SlimDSP - there's no
hard-coded DSP like in an A/V receiver. While
this is very flexible, easily changeable and very
fast, it may not leave much room for user
operations. In a future product, Slim may have to
use a DSP to handle codecs.

Increasing resources in the Squeezebox may not
cost more in future products as with these chips,
prices stay the same while performance generally


Mark Lanctot