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2006-02-03, 15:13
I bought a shiny new router today with a 5dbi wireless signal strength and Gigabit ethernet. My ZyXEL router wasn't giving me a strong enough signal.

As far as I can tell, I can connect okay to the wireless network. I did a factory reset on the SB3 by pulling the plug then replugging whilst holding down the add key. Thereafter I got through the set up, had an IP automatically assigned and had to enter the SlimServer IP manually. That's as far as it gets.

The router is a D-Link DGL-4300 and I'm running SlimServer on a Clark Connect 3.2 box. My two Windows PCs and the ClarkConnect server are all hardwired into the router, and the old router is plugged into the WAN port on the new router for Internet access. I've disabled wireless on the old router.

Has anyone any ideas? I was hoping to work on my Cyrillic tags problem, but it's taken hours of trying to set up the new router and I'm done in for the day. If only I were being paid for the hours spent setting up the Squeezebox. Still, I'm sure it will be worth it in the end.


2006-02-03, 15:30
try connecting to the Squeezenetwork. If you can connect to that then you know it't not an SB/Wireless problem.

2006-02-04, 00:40
I can't connect to SqueezeNetwork either. I can connect to the server using Putty to open an SSH session and I can ping it from the command line in Windows. I think it's something to do with the two routers and port forwarding or some such thing, but I'm not sure how these things ought to be configured. I guess every router is different so it will be difficult to advise, but if anyone can give me a general idea of what needs to be done, I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually.

Looks like another Saturday spent tinkering with something that worked fine on Friday. Technology, huh? Can't live with it, can't live without it!

Just to clarify, I'm using a ZyXEL HW 660HW to hook up to the Internet and I have an ethernet cable going from it to the WAN port on the new D-Link. The server and two PCs are all hardwired to the new D-Link and I've got my wireless network configured properly as far as I can tell.


2006-02-04, 00:51
Thereafter I got through the set up, had an IP automatically assigned and had to enter the SlimServer IP manually. That's as far as it gets.

Are you sure it's connecting? Is the IP 192.168.something or is it 169.254.something?

The latter would be "I couldn't get an IP number"

I've never entered my slimserver IP: if the SB can see the slimserver, it should find it with autodiscovery.

2006-02-04, 01:15
It's a 192.168 IP. When first I set it up, it did find the IP address automatically. That's what made me thing something was not right this time around, and indeed, that seems to be the case.

2006-02-04, 01:50
Just to clarify, I'm using a ZyXEL HW 660HW to hook up to the Internet and I have an ethernet cable going from it to the WAN port on the new D-Link. The server and two PCs are all hardwired to the new D-Link and I've got my wireless network configured properly as far as I can tell.

I'm not familiar with the ZyXEL device but this sounds very odd - connecting one router behind another one is certainly not standard behaviour. Is there a reason why you can't take the zyXEL out altogether?

If there is, and your only problem was lack of wireless signal strength, I think you would have done better to add a simple Wireless Access Point instead of getting another router. If its not too late to take the new Router back, you might want to consider this option.


2006-02-04, 02:51
The ZyXEL router is being used only for the ADSL modem. The new router has Gigabit ethernet and a stronger wireless signal. I would much rather have got an all-in-one device with Gigabit ethernet, good wireless and integrated modem, but there doesn't seem to be such a thing on the market as yet.

I just went back to just using the ZyXEL and can get onto the network with the SB3 and log into SqueezeNetwork, but I still cannot get it to find SlimServer. I've had my two SB3s working all week through just the ZyXEL router (with dropouts due to wireless strength), but now I can't get them to pickup SlimServer at all. Very frustrating.

2006-02-04, 04:10
I still can't connect to SlimServer using only the ZyXEL router so I thought I'd post back with some more info.

The ZyXEL router is taking care of the DHCP IP assignment. The SB3 is connecting to the wireless network and is being successfully assigned its own IP address. I can ping the SB3 from my desktop. I can also view the GUI on the server box (running ClarkConnect), I can see that the SlimServer service is running and I can also ping the server.

I'm using WPA-PSK, the same as I was prior to messing around with the new router last night. During the messing around, I reset the ZyXEL to factory settings several times after losing the Internet, so I'm guessing that something that was set correctly before is no longer set correctly. I've switched off the Firewall in the router and powered it off and back on again.

And the latest develoment is that I can no longer connect to SlimServer in my browser with http://slimserver:9000

Could it be something to do with these settings:


Someone please help! I've spent a small fortune to get this running, not to mention the hours and hours I've spent sat here. I need help!

2006-02-04, 04:11
OK, understand the problems...

So, at the moment you've gone back to just the one router - the SBs can get onto the network and connect to Squeezenetwork- but can't find Slimserver.

This suggests that either slimserver isn't running (check you can access it from a browser on a PC) or is being blocked by a firewall. Or your SBs are very confused from the changes in configuration and need to be taken back to a hard factory reset.


2006-02-04, 05:17
Thanks for staying with me on this ceejay. Your help is very much appreciated.

I did the hard factory reset on the SBs, disabled Wireless g+ on the router and changed the 802.11 mode from 802.11g only to Mixed. I then saw that my Clark Connect OS had switched from Standalone (No Firewall) mode to Standalone -- that's happened before so I should have been alert to it, but I missed it.

The end result of all that is that I'm back online with my SB3s and can access SlimServer from the browser. Yay! A whole morning's work to bring me back to where I was at teatime last night.

So, now I have to try and get the new router in the mix somehow. Should I disable the DHCP server in the new router, or the old one? Or doesn't it matter? The chain will be the old router between the phone socket and new router, and then the server and two client PCs plugged into the new router. I suppose it would make sense to disable both wireless and DHCP on the old router, but would that affect the IP address for getting out to the Internet?

I do so wish I could have found a router with Gigabit ethernet, modem and wireless. I find it strange that such a device is not yet available.

Time for some lunch and then for some more tinkering. Maybe I'll be able to get onto the unicode tag problem by this evening!


2006-02-04, 06:10
I did not read every entry in the thread in detail, but I had a problem where Squeezebox could not find SlimServer through my wireless D-Link 624. I disabled Super G Turbo mode and then connected right away. Slim Devices told me they are writing a fix for this.
Love the system not that it is up and running!!!!

2006-02-04, 09:32
I got it working!!! I pulled out the ZyXEL and worked on the LAN using just the new router. I manged to get it to assign the IP addresses that I wanted it to assign and got the SB3s working over the wireless network with WPA. Signal strength is up in the 80s now so problem solved. Plugging back in the ZyXEL to get to the Internet caused some problems, but a factory reset seems to have resolved that.

I think the key to the whole thing was having the Turbo G (D-Link) or g+ (ZyXEL) switched on. Switching that off didn't resolve it, but starting again with it switched off seems to have yielded a good result.

What a long day it's been though -- about 3 hours last night, then today from 8am to 5pm with an hour off for lunch. Jeepers.

2006-02-04, 11:46
Same thing for me. Long, long painful process that enventually led to the very satisfactory result. It really would have helped if Slim Dvices could have posted a list of known incompatibilites and fixes. Or maybe I just could not find it on the site.
And it didn't help reading that everyone else was installing in about three minutes and I was feeling .... well, stupid.
Regardless, it's a great product and I plan to buy two more in addition to the two I already have.

2006-02-04, 12:27
Sorry this didn't come in time for the two of you but for anyone who finds this thread in future, the list of known router status is:


The D-Link624 G mode issue is noted there, but feel free to update with any other info you have.

2006-02-07, 18:57
This is interesting to me because I have the same router (as of this afternoon) and I could not get the SB3 to connect wirelessly at all when WPA Personal was the security method. Wired connection was fine. Laptop had no problem with WPA. Changed to using WEP and all is well now. I'd prefer WPA though.