View Full Version : NOKIA 770 - battery time

2006-02-03, 13:19
I read some enthousiastic Nokia 770 stories here. In some spec sheet, I read that the battery lasts about three hours before needing to be recharged. I guess that leaves the 770 about useless for daily use, because I always play music in random mode and will want to look at the display almost all of the time. More than three hours anyway.
I'd like to hear about user experience regarding this. Do Nokia 770 users use their device << 3 hours a day??

2006-02-03, 14:11
The battery lasts for days in standby mode, which it enters when you slide it into the protective case with the screen facing in.

It's roughly equivalent to a laptop or cell phone that only lasts a few hours of active use but, because of standby, can be effectively used all day in sporadic (aka typical) usage.

FWIW, I charge mine overnight roughly once every 3-6 days.


2006-02-03, 14:12
You can recharge it while using it. Would you really be looking at it constantly? I use random play a lot but I only look at Now Playing if a track I don't recognize comes up. A quick tap on the screen (with the stylus or my finger) and it wakes up, refreshes Now Playing, and goes back to sleep after a minute. If you're going to be sitting there staring at it, plug it in.

2006-02-03, 14:14
My experience is similar to Ben's. I charge about twice a week.