View Full Version : Re: Maybe Slim should recommend and/or sell awirelessrouter/AP?

Mark Lanctot
2006-02-03, 11:48
nicketynick wrote:
> The linksys WRT54g does seem to be one of the more
reliable, although
> there have been a number of problem postings with it
as well, IIRC,
> probably related to F/W updates either at SD or at
Linksys. And
> therein lies the grist of the idea - if Slim would
tell us (and
> possibly provide us with) their 'primary test
platform', if you will,
> then we could be better assured of not running into
problems as time
> goes on.

All of the WRT54G/GS problems I've seen were
eventually traced to user error, except with the
WRT54G v5's first firmware version.

I agree that Slim should perhaps make their test
platform public. But note that they have many
models of routers that they're testing now - when
I offered my SMC2804WBRP-G they said they already
had one and even knew about the different part
numbers for the router.

So Slim do want to make sure their device works
with all routers and are testing as many as they can.

> I guess the major problem with this idea is what
happens when the next
> generation of wireless standard (n) comes along, but
from what I've
> read, that could be a quite a few years yet.

The initial and most serious problem is with some
of the early "pre-N" MIMO routers knocking
competing networks off the air.



So the 802.11n era may be one of a wireless arms
race between you and your neighbors.

Mark Lanctot