View Full Version : Maybe Slim should recommend and/or sell a wireless router/AP?

2006-02-03, 09:07
I know, I know, its not their core business, but think of the $$ savings in tech support. They could certainly buy enough for volume discounts, and I for one would be happy to buy it from them at 'average' price (as opposed to the ridiculous deep discounts you often see, for what I assume are crap routers), knowing that it was tested and working. Is there a risk that the Slim-router will have problems with the rest of my wireless infrastructure? Yes, but as far as I'm concerned (and I don't think I'm alone!), the SB is the most critical component, and I'll just replace everything else if necessary. Additionally, Slim could then test the router F/W upgrades for compatability prior to roll-out to SB-users.
The RouterStatus wiki.... I can only find one entry that inspires any confidence at all, and that's for the Belkin Pre-N F5D8230-4, courtesy of kdf, MrC, and Dean - believe me, I'm watching for a decent price on it! **EDIT - but I'm not sure I like this either, as its pre-N - does Belkin have a good g-only router?
Is it worth a poll?

2006-02-03, 09:45
I have a Belkin F5D7230-4 802.11G router which works just fine with my SB2 using FW28. I have this router > 2years, so the hardware may have changed inside te current version.

It also seems that the Atheros Wireless module Slim are using has changed inside later SB2's and SB3, so I'm not sure how great it would be with the current hardware.

I'm hoping it will be just fine as I'm planning to order an SB3 later in the year when I go to the US on business.

Hopefully the Euro stay's strong against the Dollar.

2006-02-03, 09:52
does Belkin have a good g-only router?
Is it worth a poll?

My Cheapo Belkin G router (bought at.. um... Walmart...) works fine. (It does have a "108Mbps Turbo Mode!" which I haven't turned off, but my SB2 doesn't seem bothered by it.)

F5D7231-4 with the current firmware.

(It doesn't do WPA2, but, then, WPA is safe for now anyway...)

It's not perfect: I wish it had SNMP like my old wired linksys did, but, it works most of the time. Maybe once a month it crashes and needs to be rebooted or nothing can get out of the network.