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2006-02-02, 15:53
Sorry i don't if it's te good place for this message but i don't have any answer from Slimdevices

And i don't know to became a real member if i can't buy SB3 :))

Apacabar don't have any information
and the other only have old model and seems not be very active on product ...

Please show me the light :))

2006-02-02, 16:15
Quoting tanguy <tanguy.22mjub (AT) no-mx (DOT) forums.slimdevices.com>:

> Please show me the light :))

2006-02-03, 03:00
Sorry but i'm looking for a distributor
and for example Softline don't have any squeezebox 3

I'm a little bit anxious because i can't have any answer of Slimdevices

I don't want to market Roku products - Please help me :))

2006-02-03, 03:20
tanguy wrote:
> I don't want to market Roku products - Please help me :)
You don't have to if you don't want to. Playing the Roku card just to
get a better response, really won't be very effective in this forum.

The resellers for Slim Devices products around the world are listed on
the page I previously posted. There are no other secret distributors on
some special list. That's it. You can also order from Slim Devices
directly, and they will ship worldwide with the right power lead for
your country. User reports in these forums suggest that the pricing is
fairly comparable to what you'd have to pay locally. You lose the
advantage of having a local place to service the product, but you gain
direct support from Slim Devices and their 30-day satisfaction
guarantee. With all that, there is really no reason to have to run
elsewhere just because you can't find stock in one store. Try any of
the german stores, for example. Those are closer to you than any
reseller is to my location.


2006-02-03, 04:29
I'm a reseller in France and

I WANT to market Squeezebox 3

But if i want to sell i need to buy

My only solution for the moment is to buy direct to Slimdevices
at Public price ...

So i have to sell more expensive to my customer ( i don't want to do that )
or i have a better price for me and i can sell at a correct price to my customer ( that's what i want )

But i don't have any proposition of Slimdevices
to buy at a better price directly

the distributor listed on the page don't have any squeezebox 3 for the moment and they do not know if they will have some
Apacabar say to me that they can't have any information from SlimDevices about SB3 ( i don't know if it's true )

I think Squeezebox it's a better products !!!

Sorry if my previous message was not clear

2006-02-03, 04:40
tanguy wrote:
> I'm a reseller in France and
> I WANT to market Squeezebox 3

I see. Well, there is Progressive AV in the UK. They certainly have had
SB3 in stock. I'm a bit surprised that you are not getting a reponse
from Slim Devices. Many of them actively read and participate in the
forum as well. Have you tried patrick (at) slimdevices.com directly?


2006-02-03, 04:51
I used mp3-player.de and I'm very satisfied with them.