View Full Version : Slimserver on IOMEGA StorCenter Network Hard Drive 250GB(33325)

Mark Lanctot
2006-02-02, 12:57
For one thing, SlimServer doesn't use UPnP.

A lot of people like the Infrant ReadyNAS X6,
although they have come out with a new ReadyNAS
NV, which has even more processing power than the X6.

Plus Infrant supports SlimServer to the extent
that they have a SlimServer plugin right there on
their website.


DanWahn wrote:
> Hi!
> Is it possible to use a IOMEGA StorCenter Network
Hard Drive 250GB
> (33325) with the SlimServer Software running on it
or directly through
> UPnP?
> What other external network devices/NAS can you
> Thanks in advance,
> Daniel


Mark Lanctot