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2006-02-02, 12:38
Well, my SB3 arrived yesterday. WOW!!!! Installation was a breeze. A caveman could do it (sorry, GEICO). I had fears from some of the other posts, but I must have a compatible setup.

The only problem that I am having is synchronizing the Squeezebox to softsqueeze so I can play the same music on two stereos (one connected directly to the computer). I went through the troubleshooting, and have Java 5 and the settings as recommended but it is still out of synch by 1/2 second or so. Any other ideas out there?

2006-02-05, 10:28
I have the same problem. I haven't tried it yet with different versions of slimserver. I am going to try 6.5 beta, and 6.2.1. Right now I am on the 2/1 build of 6.2.2

2006-02-05, 13:26
Make sure your using Softsqueeze 2.3, some of the earlier versions had a bug that stopped sync working.