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2006-02-01, 20:42
There is a new model of Infrant ReadyNAS, the "NV". It is way more stylish than the X6 or 600, is faster, smaller, and still runs Slimserver without having to mod the OS, just download the app from their site. Front slot loading and hot-swap to boot!

2006-02-01, 20:43
Front photo showing disk bay:

2006-02-02, 00:32
oh wow wow wow!!!

damn damn damn! i *really* want one of these now! curses!

2006-02-02, 00:35
looks awesome - pricing?

2006-02-02, 07:35
Pricing is just slightly more than the X6. None of the vendors have it up on their sites yet, but Infrant has them up on their Amazon.com Storefront HERE (http://www.amazon.com/gp/search/104-2482073-8827947?%5Fencoding=UTF8&search-alias=electronics-aps&field-brandtextbin=ReadyNAS). More pictures there as well. If you own an X6 or 600 and are runnning the latest Infrant OS, you can just swap your drives into this newer model boot up and your in business, no data loss! :)

Thomas Hitchcock
2006-02-02, 08:08
I just placed an order last night on ATACOM.COM for the diskless ReadyNAS NV for $650. No indication on the site that it wasn't in stock so I'm hoping to get one soon! Infrant's site suggests that they have already shipped units out to their dealers. The processor upgrade in this should make it an even better NAS for Slimserver than the X6 unit I own. Should be able to just swap out the drives from the X6 and be up and running in just a few minutes. The biggest advantage in ReadyNAS units is their terrific customer support on their forum. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

2006-02-02, 08:10
> If you own an X6 or 600 and are runnning the latest Infrant OS,
> you can just swap your drives into this newer model boot up and your in
> business, no data loss! :)

....and sell the "old" one to me for cheap :-)



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2006-02-02, 14:51
I saw that yesterday via Tomhardware's News. WOW!! I want one even more now. Finally, the hot swap SATA in a shoebox. And the beauty of it!! I wouldn't want to hide it in a closet!

2006-02-06, 15:07
It is probably wrong to find this as exciting as I do :-S

Are they meant to be quiet?

2006-02-06, 18:29
There's a couple of sites that indicated this in stock. I ordered a custom config unit (w/ 3x300GB HDD) today from:


The Infrant web site lists dealers, not all show inventory.


2006-02-07, 02:32
it hasn't made it across to the UK yet. Amazon.com have it, but i don't think you can get a barebones version from there. Pricing is only a little higher than the X6

2006-04-09, 08:18
I currently have SlimServer running on a Mac Mini, with music stored on a Linsys NAS - EFG250. Looking for more storage, would prefer rack-mount (going in the basement network rack), but comparing the ReadyNAS rack-mount to the NV model, the NV has better performance, so leaning in that direction. Still would go on the basement, just not quite as neatly - but no fan noise issue to worry about.

Question: if I do this, and load SlimServer on the ReadyNAS, is there any way I can continue to use iTunes to create/manage my playlists? For example, could I continue to run SlimServer on the Mac, and after it scans the music each time and creates its XML library file, clone that over to the appropriate directory on the ReadyNAS?

I understand that if I have two SlimServers running, I can choose which one I want from each SB2 player. Not sure I would actually prefer having SS running on the NAS, given that I often pick up beta nitelies, but it would be an interesting option to have available. But would only be worthwhile if I can keep the iTunes playlists.

2006-04-10, 04:09
how difficult would it be to make it available wireless in an all-mac network?

2006-04-12, 14:20
Looks cool and small.. but only 4 drives? I have already stuffed 8 in
a Linux system that was around $400. Given that I am always running
short of space, it would be tough to settle for only 4 drives of
capacity for $650. If only it could take 8 drives..

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> Front photo showing disk bay:
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2006-04-12, 15:05
I agree with your reasoning, but after having used this box now for a while I have found that it is far more than a simple NAS.

One of the most outstanding features is the Infrant forum. Taking nothing away from the Slimdevices forum (which is excellent IMOHO), but just like here if you have ANY issue with your Infrant NAS you will receive lots of help from both Infrant folks as well as enthusiasts. Personally I had 2 minor issues, both of which were resolved within about an hour of posting them on their forum. How many other NAS manufacturers can say that? None! Check the Buffalo site to see the exact opposite.

disclaimer - I do not work for Infrant in any way, just a user.

Also, how many simple NAS devices offer built-in media streaming, FTP, HTTPS, etc, etc, etc? It also provides error checking and will both email or text you if it detects a problem? It will even shut itself down if the problem gets serious enough. It can also automatically check for and download new firmware versions and will also notify you when they are ready. BTW, it did this once at 2:30 a.m. on a Sunday, grrr! I hate getting texed at 2:30 a.m. (unless it is for a booty call of course)!

Best of all? It runs Slimserver without hacking the OS! You can even download SS from their site.

I have never played around with Linux (eventually I will learn it once I have more time), so obviously this NAS is easy enough for even ME to use!

If I had a choice it would be for an 8 HDD (or larger) ReadyNAS and it would be a bit faster, but right now none is available (being worked on though AFAIK). I have had SS running for a couple of weeks without even one hiccup while also doing my backups and other tasks. Pretty cool for a little "storage device", no?

Yeah, I'll bet my boss wishes I would get this enthusiastic about work! ;)

2006-04-13, 07:39
What's the best/cheapest way to get into one of these? Is it to buy a loaded machine or an empty one and source drives somewhere else?

2006-04-13, 08:30
There ws a power-buy on AVS some time ago, but that is long gone. There are only a handful of places selling them, I would just Froogle or Yahoo Shop it to find the best price. Also compare loaded boxes to ordering a diskless one and getting cheap drives on newegg, zipzoomfly, etc. I ordered 5 drives from an onlne vendor (cold spare 5th), and they discounted them a bit further for quantity.

The Infrant forum has a pre-sales area that has more info.

Finally, I have heard good things about Aegis.com, and not so good things about spacecentersystems.com. YMMV.

Kevin O. Lepard
2006-04-13, 09:40
>There ws a power-buy on AVS some time ago, but that is long gone.

Sorry I missed that.

> There
>are only a handful of places selling them

The best price I found for a bare system (no one offered a
competitive price for a pre-made vs. bare NV with 4 drives) was at
eaegis.com. Their service was excellent. It wouldn't hurt to repeat
the price research since it's been at least a month since I got mine.

It's very nice, BTW.

Kevin O. Lepard

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