View Full Version : Connecting to slimserver on my Home network

2006-02-01, 09:17
Sorry guys, wasn't able to find the thread on this. I'm using a laptop in my living room that is connected to my home network. I want to be able to connect to the slimserver interface that is running on the computer upstairs, as this is the comp that has all my music files. In other words, I want to use the laptop as my 'remote' to set up playlists through the slimserver interface upstairs. How can I connect to the slimserver software upstairs? Thanks in advance.

2006-02-01, 09:23
Open web brower on laptop, type http://ipaddressofyourslimserverpc:9000 and the slimserver web interface should come up on the laptop.

The IP address will probably be 192.169.1.xxx

2006-02-01, 09:29
On the machine running SlimServer:

Select Run... the Start button.
Type Cmd
When the Command window opens, type ipcofig and then hit the enter key
The machine's IP number will be listed

If your running DHCP, it'll change from time to time, which is a pain in the "a."

2006-02-01, 19:44
Excellent! Works beautifully. Thanks guys.