View Full Version : tags and solutions

Steven Moore
2006-01-31, 09:04
I noticed that tag issues keep cropping up again and again through different versions of slimserver and I was wondering how slimserver 'expects' the tags to look like. ie what is the proper format of the tags that will mean that that tracks/albums etc are scanned in correctly into slimserver.
I've never seen a document from slim devices (excuse me if there is one) which describes the format for which tags should take and it may be useful for de-bugging if we had a standard format that we could all reference and having that standard may help with tag issues.
Even better would be if slim devices or a third party produced some scripts that could run through our music files to check for irregularities and could help pinpoint possible problems and possibly fix these errors.
I don't know how long it would take to produce such documents and scripts but the time invested may be recouped in less de-bugging and writing error checking code.
If we where all on a level playing field as far as tags are concerned we could at least rule out one source of problems.