View Full Version : Album Artist isn't working for me

2006-01-29, 19:25
I just set up my slimserver and Squeezebox today. I have meticulously tagged, via MediaMonkey, all my mp3s. I have many albums that have different Album Artists than track artists, and I have tagged them that way.

When I add a directory of mp3s that has this Album Artist\Artist difference, I don't get the behavior I am expecting.

With the default "behavior" settings, I get 1 album with 15 tracks from 15 artists.

Checking combinations of the compilation and band checkboxes, I either get the same as above, or 1 album with 15 tracks from 0 artists. In this case, the album shows up, the tracks show up with the proper track artists, but there is no top level artist.

I have tried a few different directories, and 6.21, 6.22, and 6.5 beta, with the same effect.

Any ideas?