View Full Version : Can't connect Squeezebox 3 to mp3-Stream with SlimProto-Command

2006-01-29, 17:03

I'm doing some experiments with a small own-written software that shall control my Squeezebox3 instead of slimserver.

All documents that i have found (Technical documentation and Wiki) seem to be a little out of date, but anyway i'm now at the point where i can send a "strm"-command over the TCP socket, but there is sill an error somewhere.

After sending the strm-command i get response with a STMc and then a STMe event code, but after a few seconds a DSCO-Message.

This is the command i send to the Squeezebox in order to get a stream to this URL : "":

0 56 "strms1m????" 5 "0" 0 "0" 64 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 80 64 236 34 196 "GET /stream/1040 HTTP/1.0" 10 10 10

(Every number is one byte written in decimal)

The server is from Club977, retreived over shoutcast, the link worked with vlc media-player.

As i can see the squeezebox establishes a connection to the server but for some reason the connection is closed after a few seconds.

Can anybody help ?

Best regards,