View Full Version : Strange things happen with multiple genres (6.2.2)

2006-01-29, 15:01
I'm running the 6.2.2 5877 Jan 27th nightly on Windows 2000 and the following strange things happen with multiple genres.
(The same happens with previous 6.2.2 and 6.2.1 releases).
- I have defined the ; as separator for multiple genres (I don't use multiple artists, albums)
- part of my library has two genres defined
When completely scanned, only one or two of the many albums with double genres appear in the genre list.
For all other double genre files, either no genre is available anymore or only the one defined first.

The funny thing is that during the scanning all albums with two genres do appear under the two defined genres! Somehow the second genre or both genres are removed somewhere during the scan.
I tried the following:
- Remove the cache directory, same results
- De-install Slimserver and re-install (only keeping the prefs file)
- removed from some albums the ID3V1 tags, same results

My library is 95% MP3, a few wma (one WMA album i defined with multiple genres)

I installed the 29 jan nightly of 6.5 on another PC, pointing to the same library. Then everything worked as expected.
Should multiple genres work with 6.2.2? Or should I wait for 6.5?

Is 6.5 already stable enough? The 3 players in my house have the status 'production', especially the players in the kid rooms :-)
I can't afford complaints about outage of the Slimserver....