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2006-01-29, 04:07
Hi, I am a Newie therefore apologize for the stupid question. I successfully connected (wireless) my SB3 (SlimServer and Squezzenetwork is working). I use the digital output to my DAC. Once I use Squezzenetwork (own define radio station SWR1 - I guess less than 44k stream) the SOUND disappear. Consequently I need to unplug and go through the settings again. I forgot to mention that I use Version 6.2.2 (beta upgrade) - maybe this is the reason why it does not work.

Radio Link: mms://$swr1$live_bw_44.wma

Any advice welcome.

2006-01-29, 12:30
> Who can help?

The guys over in the main forum. This is the german group for slimserver.
Please write in German or use the main forum.



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