View Full Version : Easy(ier) way to enter/edit WPA passphrases?

2006-01-28, 16:05
I'm now attempting to re-configure my SB3s for wireless operation and have had some success in that one SB picks the SSID and tells me it 'is connected' to the wireless metwork. Signal strength is in the low 50s.

DHCP returns a 169. address however, which I am putting down to having made a mistake in entering the WPA-TKIP passphrase. One of the characters was omitted, as luck would have one of the first few in the string.

Is there an easy way to insert or delete characters using the remote?

Also, is there any way to perform a 'wireless-mode' configuration using the SS web interface and a temporary wired connection? Typing in these 64-character passphrases for multiple SBs using the remote looks like being a major PITA.

2006-01-29, 11:56
Yes. Use the PLAY button to delete a character, the ADD button to
insert a character.

2006-01-30, 17:45
Thank you for the response, and for resisting the temptation to tell me to RTFM - the tip you describe does appear in page 7 of the user guide, although it seemed to me that the behaviour of the Add and Play keys is subtly different from that described.

I did actually manage to get the passphrase in correctly after multiple attempts.

It did seem to me however that the process is a little quirky and probably geeky enough to disqualify the Squeezebox as a device for mainstream use. I haven't encountered anything quite like this since wrestling with 48-byte NSAP addresses in the very early days of ATM switches.

I would urge Slim to consider adding the ability to do the wireless configuration 'offline' from the server GUI, so as to allow passphrases to be cut-and-pasted in as is normally the case for WAPs and similar devices.