View Full Version : Belkin pre-n set up with linkstation

2006-01-27, 16:43
Would be grateful for any thoughts on the following from those who have a Belkin pre-n router.

We recently got a Belkin pre-n router for the house. Am loving the range and have everything else working perfectly, but we can't get it set up to work with my SB2 and slimserver. Only the router has changed in the setup (previously a Dlink G604T).

Slimserver is installed on a Linkstation connected directly to the router via an ethernet connection (static ip). Running v6.2.2. and firmware version 28.

The SB2 connects to the wireless network with no problems (WPA-PSK) and can see the Linkstation with no problems. However, when we try and 'connect to slimserver' it just hangs. If I press the left arrow to come out of the 'connecting to slimserver' screen it changes to 'waking up slimserver'. All the time the activity light on the front of the Linkstation is flashing like mad as is the router, showing wireless activity. I can ping the SB2 with no problem and the MAC address showing is fine.

We've tried various combinations of the following:

Disabling the firewall on the router;
Enabling ports 3483 and 9000 in the virtual server to the IP address of the Linkstation;
Unchecking Block ICMP Ping
Protected mode on / off
ACK none / burst / immediate
QoS on / off

There's nothing in the router log to show that the Belkin is rejecting the signal from either the Linkstation or the SB2, but I suspect that must be what's happening. Anyone with a similar set up got any ideas what we're missing ?

Not urgent, as we have it running on a wired connection for the moment, but would be nice to get it working properly.