View Full Version : Gapless MP3 playback using LAME 3.90.3

2006-01-27, 15:17
Hi! I am having trouble playing back continuous albums using the Squeezebox, such as albums by The Beatles. All my music is ripped into variable bit rate MP3's using LAME 3.90.3. When I play albums in Winamp or Foobar they playback with no gaps. On the Squeezebox (v3) there is a gap between tracks (via wireless hookup 63% signal strength). Is there a way I can fix this? Will this format be supported in the future?

2006-01-28, 00:46
This has been dealt with in a number of threads before. Here's one:


it is also the subject of an enhancement request.


If you vote for enhancement requests, the "fixers" take number of votes into account when prioritizing.

2006-02-26, 04:49
I voted for this. It kinda surprise me it's not been taken care already. :)